At Golden Gratitude Collective, we host our own original jewelry line and we proudly support other female US based makers.

April Leigh, Flowers By April Leigh

Starting out in 2018, April has single handedly made a name for herself with her timeless, beautiful, and natural designs. Adding to the value and uniqueness of each piece, April hand wraps and designs every single one of her pieces at her in-home studio in Minnesota. Our favorite part about April's work is her use of earth's natural gifts and her attention to detail. Her designs feature gold filled materials accented with crystals, gems, and pearls.

Brandy McNair, Bella Vita Jewelry

Brandy launched Bella Vita Jewelry in 2008 at local art fairs, retail craft shows, and online. All of her jewelry is made by hand in her Bella Vita Studio, which is housed in a beautifully restored century-old building. Bella Vita Jewelry is known for being made in small batches and one of a kind, hand stamped jewelry.

Sarah Jester, Blue Soul Designs

Sarah Jester is a self taught jewelry Artisan. She began her business 10 years ago and has enjoyed perfecting her craft over the years. She draws her inspiration from the beauty of nature around her, and the many places she's traveled to. Her minimalist jewelry is meant to empower and accentuate each woman's own natural beauty. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, she spends her days with her children and husband, Facetiming her Grandbabies, filling orders, and finding gratitude in every day situations.